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Ryan Goodwin is a minor antagonist who appears in the third season of the television series You.

Not much is known about Goodwin, except that he was a news reporter who married Marienne and had Juliet in his early adulthood. When Juliet was only a baby, Goodwin and Marienne were drug addicts, the couple went for a car ride while high. Marienne drove and crashed their car, Ryan divorced her after this and shared custody of Juliet.

Years later, Marienne got more custody of Juliet because Goodwin was still a crippling addict and his mother was the only one raising her while with him. Goodwin blackmailed and cheated his way in cort to get more custody over Juliet. Joe Goldberg inserted himself into the fued between Marienne and Goodwin, Joe tried to overdose his energy drink to make him lose custody over Juliet to get closer to Marienne.

Joe failed to get Goodwin overdosed and Marienne began to lose her custody over Juliet, Joe decided to kill him! Joe followed Goodwin to a gym when he was going to his car to leave, Joe attempted to stab him in a stair well but Goodwin used the elevator. Joe went to the parking lot only to get ambushed by Goodwin who took his knife from him, both threatened each other until Goodwin stupidly chose to simply leave.

Joe pushed Goodwin over the edge of the parking lot, only for a bush to brake his fall, Joe went to Goodwin and grabbed the knife before he could. Goodwin said Joe didn't have it in him to kill him, Joe ignored this and stabbed him multiple times in the stomach. Before Goodwin succumbed to his wounds, Joe said he did this on behalf of Marienne, Joe left with is wallet to make it look like a mugging, but Joe framed Love for the murder.