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Nancy Whitesell-Beck is a minor character in the first season of the television adaptation of You


Nancy Whitesell is a famous Christian mommy blogger, the wife of Edward Beck, and Guinevere Beck's stepmother. Nancy is a devout Christian, accrediting her religion as one of the main reasons that her husband Edward as able to overcome addiction. At lunch with the Beck family, Guinevere attempts to get her father to remember old stories, but when he is unable to, Nancy attempts to switch the topic. Because of this, Guinevere becomes aggressive, claiming that Nancy is too protective of Edward. Nancy proceeds to tell Beck that she "invests nothing in this family," and accuses Beck of only using Edward as an ATM machine to keep her afloat. Guinevere then exposes Nancy for lying about being the one to help Edward cut clean of addiction, as Beck says that Edward was already sober by the time that they met. Beck storms off and it is the last time Nancy is seen.


Season 1 (1/10)