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Mr. Mooney is a recurring character in You. He is portrayed by Mark Blum


Mr. Mooney is the owner of Mooney's book store. He is a former Soviet Union prison guard. At some point in Joe's adolescence, Mr. Mooney took him in. He cared for him but also was abusive to him believing that he was guiding him. He would often lock Joe in his glass cage in the basement to teach him various lessons, telling him that he is doing it out of love and to make sure Joe does not end up like his father. After Joe killed Elijah, who was having an affair with Candace, by pushing him off of a roof, Joe turns to Mr. Mooney for guidance and confesses what he had done. Mr. Mooney disposes of Joe's clothes and tells him as long as he never tells anyone, it was going to be okay. He assures Joe that some people deserve to die. According to what Joe tells Beck, Mooney has a stroke and is left lying on the floor for days unable to move because Joe Goldberg was away after what he says was a devastating break up with Candace. This leads to Mooney being left in vegetative state.


Season 1 (4/10)

Season 2

  • Exclusively flash backs throughout all of season 2


Joe Goldberg

  • Relation: Apprentice / surrogate son


Book Comparisons


"Some people deserve to die."

"I know the demons that drive you. I have them too. That's why I work you so hard, why I demand perfection. My love for books. Respect. I'm trying to teach you a code to live by so that you don't end up like your father. Because I love you."