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Marienne Bellamy is a main character in the television series You, serving as the titular deuteragonist in the second half of Season 3. A librarian and Joe's boss at Madre Linda's library, she becomes this season's obsession. She is portrayed by Tati Gabrielle.

Character description

Marienne is a smart, no-nonsense librarian who doesn't let much get by her. Marienne is a keen observer of the neighborhood's denizens, too savvy in the ways of the real world to be taken in by patrons' privilege and oblivious entitlement. Beneath her practical, buttoned-up exterior, Marienne is hiding personal struggles that continue to set her back as she tries to create a better life for herself and her young child.

Season 3

Marienne is a librarian at the library in Madre Linda. She first sees Joe (and Henry) when he is following Natalie and gives him a book Natalie left at the counter for him. Later, Joe begins volunteering at the library. initially she is cold and standoffish with Joe, assuming he was from a typical privileged upbringing which she resented. When she finds out he grew up poor and in the foster system, as she did, she warms up to him and they develop a friendship. She shares her love of illustrating children's books with Joe and he encourages her to pursue her work, eventually submitting some drawings she's done without her permission. It is later revealed, when Joe searches her office, that she is a recovering drug addict and has been charged with child endangerment and neglect. She reveals to Joe that she and her ex had been addicts. She says that she drove with her daughter while she was high and got into an accident, seriously injuring another driver and endangering her daughter, leading to her ex gaining custody and having her arrested. She tells him she is now trying to fight for custody and if she could she would run away with her daughter to France, where she was born. Joe is endeared by her talking about her daughter, and when the sprinklers malfunction soaking the two of them, they make out passionately under the water. Joe attempts to submit a letter of resignation the following day but Marienne refuses and insists he stay. They share another kiss and Marienne says they can't continue their relationship, before they immediately begin kissing again.

She continues to insist they can't maintain their relationship but they spend more time together, going on a stroll around town with Henry and her daughter Juliette. When her ex calls, she panics and tells Joe she can't afford for him to find out about them and they have to back off of each other. This leads Joe to stalk Ryan, her ex, to find a way to bring him down.

At an Alice in wonderland themed fundraiser at the library, Love and Marienne meet for the first time, to Joe's displeasure. Marienne cheerfully greets Love and makes conversation with her, thanking Love for allowing Joe to work extra hours and stay late because she is supposedly in a new relationship and spending a lot of time with her new partner. Later at the library, Marienne tells Joe that Ryan knows they've been spending time together and threatened to use it against her, adding that she doesn't want to be a homewrecker and they need to end things.

Joe appears in court for Marienne as a character witness but quickly realizes that Ryan is friends with the judge. He racks her down to a liquor store where she is struggling after receiving news the judge ruled against her and Ryan planned to move away with their daughter. Joe comforts her, including sharing with her that he killed someone as a child because they were hurting his mom. He says he plans to end his marriage and the two go to her house and have sex. When she tells him she is going to leave Madre Linda and follow her daughter, he is resolved to get rid of Ryan.

After finding out Ryan has been killed in an apparent mugging, Marienne tells Joe she loves him and the two make plans to run away together with their children. When she gets a text from his phone to meet him at his house she hurries over to find Love instead. Love tells her that that weren't truly separating as he had told her and that he was the one who killed Ryan.

Love intended to kill her but abandoned this plan when her daughter came in. She instead tells her to take her daughter and run which Marienne agrees to do.


Season 3


  • Marienne was originally born in Paris before moving to the States
  • Marienne Speaks fluent French as its her first language

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