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I was so excited to be a mother and your wife and as soon as I became that, 𝐘𝐎𝐔 punished me for it.
―Love Quinn to Joe Goldberg.

Love Quinn-Goldberg is a main character and later an antagonist in Netflix's YOU, serving as the titular love interest in the second season and the main antagonist in the third season. She is portrayed by Victoria Pedretti. She was also portrayed by Olivia Ragan as a youth.

Love is a chef and grocery store owner who becomes the romantic interest of Joe Goldberg, the series' protagonist. Just like Joe, Love also has her own set of secrets and psychological problems. She is portrayed as a caring woman, but is also capable of committing extreme acts in the name of her own obsessions and relationships.

At first, she seemed to be kind and intelligent, which made Joe Goldberg fall in love with her due to her idyllic sense and the fact that she was protective of her brother Forty. However, she is actually an obsessed, cunning, and manipulative serial killer just like Joe, and she would do whatever she could to get Joe close to her.

Love plays an important role in YOU season two as the story explores the increasingly complex and toxic relationship between her and Joe. The series continues to address themes of obsession, dangerous relationships and crimes committed in the name of love. Love Quinn is a multifaceted character who contributes to the series' intriguing dynamic.


Love is an "artistic" aspiring chef in Los Angeles working as a produce manager in a high-end grocery store, and she's not interested in social media or branding and much more into leading an interesting life. She is fiercely independent, and protective of her twin brother, Forty Quinn. She is fiercely independent. Love is in grief when she meets Joe Goldberg, and can sense he too has known life-changing loss.

In a shocking turn of events Love is revealed to be just as mentally disturbed as Joe is as she stalked and obsessed over him just as he did. In the end when Joe revealed all of his wrongdoings and wishes to be held accountable out of his own free will in front of Love and Candace Stone, Love in turn kills Candace and reveals the truth to Joe, and that she's pregnant with his daughter. For the good of their child they choose to remain together. What's more is that Joe's state of mind is actually improving as he know openly acknowledges that what he did was monstrous.

Early Life[]

Forty and Love

Forty and Love.

Love was born in September 4th, in 1991 to the rich powerful Quinn family. She grew up with her twin brother Forty Quinn. Her parents were distant and mostly absent in raising their kids. Love and Forty were mostly dependent on each other and helped each other get through. Love and Forty spent a lot of time together, with Love saying that Forty loved the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, and that he jumped when the "red" (Raphael) got hurt. When their parents established Anavrin when Love and Forty were around 12, they were constantly away and hired an au pair to look after them.

Love Kills Sofia

Love kills Sofia.

The family au pair, Sofia took advantage of Forty and had an inappropriate relationship with him. When she gave Forty drugs and was sexually abusing him, Love attacked and killed her. She allowed Forty to believe he had blacked out and killed her, and the Quinn family made it appear to be a suicide to protect Forty.

Over time, Love and Forty's relationship became increasingly codependent, with Love taking on the role of protector and caretaker of Forty. As he developed a drug addiction and became more and more consumed by it, Love would clean up after him, take care of him and monitor his behavior to prevent him from using.

Later, Love went to culinary school and began a relationship with James Kennedy and they married young.

Season 2[]


Love meets Joe, who is posing as Will Bettelheim.

Love met Joe (living under the name Will) at Anavrin when she was shopping for her dinner and both seemed to be interested in the other. Later, they ran into each other again at the DMV where she made a bit of a scene insisting that they see a non-English speaking woman who had an appointment but was being ignored.

She showed up to Joe's apartment after hearing he had gotten a bad sunburn which she called a rookie move. She nurses his burn and shows him remedies to help with it. When she notices that he is eating 99 cent ramen for dinner, she decides to take him on a food tour of the city, introducing him to the culinary life of Los Angeles. They visit several places looking for Joe's "perfect bite" before ending up at Anavrin where she prepares him her specialty roast chicken. She tells him about how she had gotten married young, her husband had gotten sick, and passed away leaving her a widow. She describes the pain and loneliness of losing her husband and inability for others to understand and tells him that she can see the pain of true loss in him as well.

Things are back and forth between them for a while as Love pursues a relationship with him and he insists that he is not ready because of a bad ending to a past relationship and they decide to stay friends. However obvious interest on both sides leads to mixed signals and Love again becomes frustrated. When Joe tells Love that he and Forty were at a party and Forty had gotten intoxicated, she rushed to Joe's apartment to take care of Forty. She and Joe ended up having sex and beginning their real relationship. She initially wanted to keep it hidden from Forty, fearing that it might further disrupt his sobriety after his relapse at the party. Love orchestrates a brunch with her friends to introduce them to Joe, which Forty interrupts and makes a scene, angry that he was not invited and that Love had hidden her relationship from him. Joe makes an attempt to include Forty and spend more time with him as a way to make things easier for himself and Love, but encourages him to go out of town to pitch his movie idea to give him and Love time alone. This backfires when Love goes with Forty as his sober companion to make sure he doesn't use.

While away, Forty introduces Love to a girl he had just met but was seemingly head over heels for already, Amy, who was actually Joe's ex Candace who had assumed a false identity and sought out Forty to insert herself into their lives and eventually expose Joe. Love was not very impressed by her from the start, but Forty insisted that she return to LA with them to attend their parent's wellness retreat/vow renewal ceremony.

At the retreat, Love introduces Joe to her parents as well as "Amy", and they participate in various activities. She catches Amy in a lie and immediately becomes suspicious of her and her intentions with Forty. She also gets into an argument with Joe and ends up realizing Forty was displaying his typical signs of getting high and tries to find him before their parent's ceremony. Once Joe finds Forty, Love participates in the ceremony, initially following the script her mother had provided for her, before going into her own thoughts on love. Forty, clearly intoxicated, interrupts rambling about his parents before dropping his crack pipe in front of all the guests and Love hurries him away. Shortly after, their mother Dotty comes in and blames Love for the entire situation, telling her that her only job was to protect her brother and she failed. Love calls her a hypocrite, and Dotty slaps her hard across the face. and tells her only job is to make sure her brother is okay, and she failed. She runs out, and Joe comes to comfort her.

Love opens up to Joe about her complex family situation and tells him that the Au Pair when they were kids had abused Forty and was caught and fired by their parents. She says she then killed herself and Forty found her body and hadn't been the same since.

After Henderson's funeral, Love goes back to Anavrin alone and reminisces, looking in the locker of her deceased husband and becomes emotional as it would have been their anniversary.


Love talking with Candace.

2323 V1

Love confronts Job about his true identity.

Later, continuing to be suspicious of "Amy", Love requests their family's P.I. look into her. She waits inside of Joe's apartment expecting her as she breaks in and confronts her, telling her she knew she was Candace Stone. Candace admits who she is and tells Love that "Will" is really Joe, and that he had tried to kill her and also killed his girlfriend after her, Beck. She provides Love with a picture of her and Joe together as evidence of what she says. Love pays her to leave and confronts Joe with the information she has given her. He admits he is in fact Joe Goldberg and that Candace is his ex, but denies her other allegations claiming she is crazy and obsessed with him and that he had moved to LA and changed his identity to escape her. Love is convinced by his story, but ends things with him anyway. She decides it is not necessary to fire him from Anavrin, so they continue to work together but she keeps her distance. Soon, she begins a relationship with Milo, the close friend of her deceased husband who had been by her side after his death and had initiated a relationship with her then as well. According to Forty, Milo had been interested in Love since college and was heart-broken when she chose James. He also stated that he preyed upon on her when she was grieving after James death before spending time in Asia spreading James ashes. Love parades Milo around Anavrin displaying their relationship in front of Joe which angers Forty. He in turn suggests Joe get on some dating apps and set up a few dates to make Love jealous. Which works, although she continues her relationship with Milo- who tells her he would like to give up traveling a while and stay in LA with her to get more serious with each other. When he tells her he got a place to be close to her and she tells him she doesn't really want to make things more serious than they've been. He says he will wait if she isn't ready because he is in love with her.

After Forty gets Joe out of jail after he is arrested for indecent disposure after having sex with Delilah in an alley, they go to Anavrin and run into Milo. Forty initiates an argument with him that escalates resulting in Milo punching Forty in the face and Joe intervening.

While presenting her friends with wedding cake options she has made, she admits that she was using Milo and still has feelings for Joe, and they encourage her to give him a second chance. However, she finds a farewell letter from him in her locker. Her mother Dottie approaches while she is crying reading the letter and states she would like to improve their relationship, comforts her, and proposes they spend the night together.

While out to dinner, Dottie reveals to Love that her father is cheating on her, and her plan to win him back to her by showing him how wonderful and happy their family is- incessantly taking photos of the two of them as evidence. Love is irritated at the superficiality of her mother's attempt at bonding. Having been drinking, she starts criticizing her mother for allowing the Au Pair to abuse Forty and storms away, running into Joe in the hotel hallway. She addresses the letter he wrote her saying it had shattered her and that if he is going to leave, she would like to have lunch together the following day before he went. Unbeknownst to her, Joe is slipping into an acid trip caused by Forty spiking his drink. She gets sick in the floor, and Dottie quickly comes to her side to take care of her and ushers her away. She attempts to comfort Love, but in her narcissism she instead tells Love she reminds her of herself and that when your children need you, it's no longer so hard to love them. She later calls Joe and tells him she refuses to tell him goodbye and wants to be with him and proposes they leave LA together.

The following morning, she comes to Joe's apartment to see him and says she needs time to consider them leaving LA. Ellie interrupts their reunion, asking if Love's presence means Joe is no longer "screwing her sister" reveals to Love he had been tripping on acid the night before, and says she is concerned for Delilah because she found a threatening note to her she attributed to her article about Henderson. Love accompanies Ellie to her apartment saying she will look after her until they hear something from Delilah. Ellie tells her about how she and Delilah ended up alone together in LA, and they relate over their dysfunctional family situations. She has to call Joe shortly after to come back because Ellie is panicking, believing something has happened to her sister and he returns to comfort her.

A short while later, Love receives a messages from Joe's number asking her to come to his storage unit as soon as possible. She hurries over to find Candace, who presents her with Joe in the cage with Delilah's body. Candace tells her she now has the proof of what Joe is, and tells her she wanted her to see before she calls the police. Emotional, Love tells Candace that she is crazy and pleads with Joe to tell Candace that he did not do this. Instead, he confesses that everything is true. He apologizes to Candace and tells her she is not crazy. That he had done everything she said, and thought he was doing it for the best reasons, for love, but that he had not really known love before. He says he had intended to change and be the man she deserved but that he wasn't able to, and had killed Delilah because she found out about what he had done to Henderson. Sobbing, Love runs out of the storage unit followed by Candace.

Love Kills Delilah

Love kills Delilah.

In a shocking turn of events, Love slit Candace's throat with a broken bottle she retrieves from a nearby trash can, killing her. She went back to Joe and told him that 'she took care of it'. She says that Candace was crazy, she was going to hurt him, and that she fixed it and they can be together now. Joe was initially confused, but was convinced that 'he broke her'. He told her to remain quiet because it was not her fault. He also admitted that he killed Beck, Henderson, and Delilah. She responds that he had not killed Delilah, she had. She also confessed that she had been the one who had actually killed Sofia, the Au Pair by slitting her throat to protect Forty. She states it was better they believed it was Forty, because her family would cover it up and coddle him. She says that she had become somewhat obsessed with Joe herself and had used her parents PI to look into him after Candace left. She had devoured Beck's book front to back and everything else she could find about it and decided that Beck hadn't deserved him. It is revealed she had found his cage considerably earlier on and found him to be more passionate and devoted than she had realized. She explains she had followed him and discovered Delilah in the cage and had taken care of her to protect him- because they are soulmates. She says that they can frame Ellie for Henderson's murder, use the Quinn's family lawyers to get her out of it, and position Delilah's death as a suicide so that he is not connected to anything. Joe tells her she is crazy and she leaves, with him remaining in the cage.

Love Kills Candace

Love kills Candace, revealing her true nature.


Love seeing Joe in the glass cage.

Love returns and gives him a muffin she has made, at his hesitance to eat it, she is offended he may believe it is poisoned and he assures her it is his close proximity to a dead body and pleads with her to open the cage, which she immediately does. Joe grabs her throat and intends to stab her with the handcuffs he had used on Delilah, but she reveals she is pregnant. She says that she understands if he can't love her anymore or doesn't want to, and he replies that he does want to.

The two of them attend her friends' wedding where Forty shows up manic and tries to speak with Love stating she is in danger, but Gabe refuses to let him in and contacts his sober coach. Joe decides that he can't be there to protect their child if he isn't there, and tells Love that he does still love her. She receives numerous text messages from Forty indicating he knows the truth about Joe and the two of them rush to Anavrin. Love asks Joe to stay in the car while she speaks to Forty. Forty tells her that he has to save her from a literal serial killer, and that she needs to go so he can do so. She tries to assure Forty he is wrong about Joe. When Joe enters, Forty pulls a gun on him. She tries to talk him down, telling him if he hurts Joe he will never see her or Joe's child she is pregnant with. He tells her she is crazy if she believes she would be a good mother. Forty puts the gun to Joe's head and insists he get on his knees as Love pleads for him to stop. As Forty is about to pull the trigger, he is shot and killed by officer Fincher, who had followed Ellie and came upon the situation.


A heavily pregnant Love in the season two finale.

Fincher began to suspect Forty for Henderson's murder, the Quinns used their money and influence to shut down the investigation, and Joe and Love moved away from LA. Afterward, the two eventually stayed together and married, and they are seen living in a suburban neighborhood. Love is shown to be pregnant with their child, but Joe has become interested in their neighbor, Natalie Engler.

Season 3[]

Season 3 finds Joe and Love living in the suburb of Madre Linda, married and giving birth to their son, Henry Forty-Quinn Goldberg. Joe was expecting a girl and was disappointed when they had a boy instead.  They fall into the routine chaos of parenthood, and Joe struggles to bond with Henry. The stress as well as difficulties coping with the loss of her brother, Love struggles emotionally. She recognizes and acknowledges the lack of bonding between Joe and the baby.

Love makes an attempt to reconnect with Joe but is hurt and offended when he doesn’t reciprocate, taking Henry to Dottie’s. Joe takes advantage of the time by getting closer with Natalie. He is surprised by Love coming home early, and admits to having a drink with the neighbor. He channels the energy from his encounter with Natalie and has a passionate experience with Love.

At a neighborhood party thrown by mom influencer, Sherry Conrad, and her husband, Love overhears Sherry and her friends trashing Love’s family- including her brother Forty who is referred to as a “crack head” and his supposed suicide. Natalie overhears and whisks her away, explaining to her that they are terrible people. She reaches out to Love and comforts her, seeming to bond with her. Then, ends up offering to have Love look at a place she is listing as a real estate agent after Love mentions her dream of owning a bakery. Love appreciates the gesture but quickly recognizes Natalie’s insincerity when she makes a point of stating neither Joe or Love have been to her house. She confronts Joe and they argue about his involvement with Natalie, questioning if he Is obsessed with her.

While going through some boxes, Love discovers a hidden box of Joe’s containing Natalie’s panties, bloody scarf, and used tampon.

Love sets up an appointment with Natalie to view the space for the bakery. She signs the lease, requests to see the downstairs, follows Natalie down, picks up an ax and chops Natalie in the neck with it. Joe meets love there, discovers what she has done and they try to put together how to cover it up. Joe put Natalie’s body in her car, uses her phone to indicate she was going out towards the state forest, and buried her there in the woods.

After discovering that most people in the neighborhood, including Natalie, wore rings from Mathew’s company that monitored, among other things, their vitals and GPS location, the two of them dig up Natalie’s body to remove her ring which they leave in a nearby restroom. They then move the body to a construction site where it would be covered with concrete. Love, concerned that Joe’s forethought into local body disposal may have been in preparation to kill her, panics and says she is afraid if she isn’t enough for him, he’ll kill her.


Love after kills Natalie.

They connect in couples therapy when they admit and acknowledge they are both terrified that if someone saw the real them, they'd abandon them. Joe is able to see the soft, maternal side of Love again. Seemingly, they reconnect in their relationship and find happiness in each other again. Love tells Joe that she would kill for him, and he tells her he would kill for her as well, but promise to each other they will never have to do so again. They agree to create a "time out" space in case of problematic circumstances in the future, and together build Joe's cage in the bakery basement. Each secretly hiding a key within the cage.

Love is overcome with anxiety and fear as Natalie's disappearance is discovered and looked into. Joe assures her repeatedly that they are in it together and it's going to be okay if they continue to act normal.

Joe begins volunteering at the library where he feels comfortable while Love gets the bakery going. While there, she receives an unexpected call that Henry is sick while talking to Theo, the son of Natalie's husband Matt. He closes the bakery for her to rush to the hospital where Henry has the measles. When Sherry reveals to the media that Love was the last person to see Natalie, she and Joe decide that leaning into the suspicion of the husband, they should frame Matt using a bloody scarf Joe had saved.

While trying to complete their plan and plant the scarf on Matt's property, Joe starts to drift in and out of reality and hallucinations. He wakes up on Matt's couch unaware of how he got there. He is very sick and concludes he also has the measles. After talking to him a while, he decides that Matt is a grieving husband and that he can't follow through with framing him. Love later agrees that it's the right decision.

Gil, one of the dads from the neighborhood comes into the bakery and apologizes to Love, informing her that his unvaccinated children had been sick with the measles and had infected Henry at a birthday. He adds his views on vaccinations. As he is leaving, Love hit him in the head with a large rolling pin, knocking him out. Joe brings him to the cage and greets him when he wakes up, trying to smooth things over and assure he isn't going to report the incident. Joe isn't convinced and doesn't release him, keeping him locked in the cage and monitoring him with Henry's baby monitor.

Joe searches for mutually assured destruction they can use against Gil. He connects with the librarian, Marienne Bellamy, when she realizes she had misjudged him as someone from a privileged upbringing and that they had both been in the foster system. This softens her from her usual rigidity.

Love hires a PI to dig up something on Gil, and finds that his son has sexually assaulted multiple girls and his wife had paid off their families. They expect him to agree not to report them in exchange for keeping the secret, but instead he hangs himself in the cage.

Now stuck with his body on their hands, Love comes up with a plan to clean up the mess of his death and Natalie's. She takes part in a search for Natalie led by Sherry and accompanies Theo. She separates for a few minutes to plant the ax used to murder Natalie with Gil's fingerprints in the forest where they were searching. She and Theo return to the bakery and bond over similarly dysfunctional family situations and she shares about her brother Forty. When he tries to kiss her she rejects him.

Joe takes Gil's body and stages the suicide scene at his home for his wife to come across, with a suicide note taking responsibility for Natalie's death.

Six months later, Love and Joe express to their marriage counselor that their relationship is doing very well and they are happy. Although, Joe is struggling internally with boredom. Love has befriended Sherry, become involved in the community, and her business is successful.

Theo returns from school and Love defends him several times to Sherry and Joe, prompting Joe to become suspicious and look for signs Love may be involved with him. He finds several charges for ubers near Theo's school and confronts her. She admits he had contacted her several times while drunk and she called him an uber, reflecting her caregiving relationship she had with Forty in his addiction. He pushes, and she admits Theo had previously kissed her but nothing happened- Joe loses his temper.

While Joe is away on a guys camping trip Theo visits Love at the bakery where she reiterates her boundaries as a married woman but expresses her concern for him due to his drinking and taking a break from school. He later calls her after being arrested and she comes to his aid. He then admits he is in love with her and she initially rejects him again, before giving in and having sex with him.

Love, conflicted about the interaction with Theo who she now refuses to talk to, and worried she may be pregnant, begins to text Forty's old phone which she has in her drawer- confessing her thoughts and feelings, wishing he were there for her.

Theo, in a grand gesture, stands outside of her house with a boombox declares his love to entice her to acknowledge him and she turns him away. After having a fight with her mother and having realized she isn't pregnant, drinks heavily and hallucinates Forty being there with her, comforting her. As she lays in bed drifting away, she sees forty next to her, singing "I'll be there ", when she wakes she is by herself, highlighting how utterly alone she is.

After Theo tells Love his dad has been using neighborhood surveillance to obsessively search for clues about Natalie's death, including looking at her and Joe, she discusses with Joe the idea of leading Theo on to get any information they can. He agrees because it will keep Love distracted and allow him to pursue Marienne.

At an Alice in wonderland themed fundraiser at the library, Love and Marienne meet for the first time, to Joe's displeasure. Marienne cheerfully greets Love and makes conversation with her, thanking Love for allowing Joe to work extra hours and stay late because she is supposedly in a new relationship and spending a lot of time with her new partner.

Sherry approaches Love with an invitation for she and Joe to swing with her and Cary. The discussion is interrupted when the babysitter texts Love that Dottie has picked up Henry, taking him with her to drunkenly burn down the vineyard she lost to her husband in the divorce. Love tells her she will never see her or Henry again and Joe drives her to a rehab facility.

Love discusses Sherry's proposition with Joe, thinking it could possibly rekindle some passion in their relationship, feeling Joe has lost interest in her, although she has reservations that they are not solid enough and that it isn't really her. Joe entertains the idea, seeing it as a sure fire way to destroy their relationship, in a way that would not be his fault, allowing him to move on with Marienne. He manipulates the situation to make it seem that it is completely Loves choice and decision, including rejecting her attempts to connect with him and making her feel insecure and boring then pretending to be jealous and possessive over her flirtation with Theo, even though he did not care. They eventually decide to contact Sherry and Cary to initiate their encounter.

While engaging in swinging with them, Sherry begins having sex with Joe and he fantasizes about Marienne. Love, watching, realizes he is doing so (just not knowing who he is thinking of) and uses the safe word. She breaks down telling Joe she could tell he was thinking of someone else and they argue downstairs. An emotional Love blurts out that she killed Natalie for Joe and is overheard by Sherry and Cary upstairs. A fight ensues but Love and Joe are able to overpower them and put them in the cage.

Theo tells Love he discovered his dad has been accessing security footage from all around the town trying to figure out who killed Natalie and had personal videos of she and Joe. He asks her to run away with him. He later uncovers video of Joe leaving in Natalie's car the day she died and goes looking for Love at the bakery, discovering the Conrad's in the cage as Cary uses the gun Love gave them to try to shoot the glass and break the cage. They convince him to find the key to let them out but he is interrupted by Love. He tells her he believes it was Joe who killed Natalie and she tells him to leave Madre Linda and never come back. When he goes to leave, Love hits him in the head causing him to fall down the stairs bleeding profusely and she believes he is dead.

Love discovers the bloody shirt in Henry's diaper genie and soon puts together that Joe killed Ryan and was having an affair with Marienne.

Joe goes home to find Love has prepared them his favorite meal and she confronts him about Marienne. In turn he confronts her about her exhusband James and tells her they don't need to repeat the past. He says he wants a divorce and for them to coparent Henry. When the baby wakes up crying, she leaves the room to check on him and Joe grabs a large knife from the table, hiding it. She comes back and admits that she did kill James accidentally with aconite she had intended to temporarily paralyze him with but had given him too much. Love tells Joe that he doesn't have to worry, as this time she is letting it "absorb through the skin." As Joe loses function of his body, it has been revealed that the handle of the knife Joe was holding was smeared with aconite. She texts Marienne from his phone to meet him.

Marienne becomes shocked when she arrives to find Love inviting her in, but goes inside anyway, being completely oblivious that Love is hiding a carving fork behind her back, ready to kill her. She tells Love Joe told her they were separating. Love tells her that he lied and that Joe is the one who killed Ryan. As Love slowly advances on Marienne, holding the carving fork behind her back, her daughter Juliette comes in the door asking to use the bathroom. Love abandons her intentions to kill her and tells her to take her daughter and run.

After they leave, Love blames Joe for almost taking away Juliette's mother. As Love begins sharpening a meat cleaver, she tells Joe how she was excited to be a mother and his wife, but he was a manipulative husband. She tells Joe that he is the problem, and walks up to him, very close to slicing his neck. But before she can do that, Joe stabs her in the leg with a needle injecting her with a lethal dose of aconite. As she slowly dies, he tells her he had known she'd been growing it in the garden and had been preparing himself. He had also taken an adrenaline pill from Cary's stash as a precaution earlier which had counteracted the paralytic.

Upon her death, Joe sends out a suicide email from her account, which includes a confession (that isn't completely true) that Love killed Natalie and framed Gil for it, Love killed Ryan, and Joe was killed by Love. To convince people that the "Love killing Joe" scenario was real, Joe slices off two of his toes with the same meat cleaver Love almost killed him with. Joe stages the whole scene as a a suicide to make it look like Love stabbed herself with the needle. As Joe burns the whole house down and flees the scene, Love's story becomes even more famous than Guinevere Beck's story.

Once she died, everything got better for the people of Madre Linda. Matthew and Theo Engler reconciled, and the bond between the Conrad couple became stronger than ever. They pursued a career of writing books for couples as well as making a game show out of their horrific experience of being in that cage. And everyone healed from all the horror, especially when more people started showing up at the Fresh Tart bakery once someone else took possession of it, which implied that so many people weren't fond of Love Quinn when she was still alive.

Season 4[]


Love appears with Rhys Montrose's book "Good Man in a Cruel World" as a hallucination of Joe

Her actions had a large impact on Joe in Season 4, since Joe was forced to escape America and travel to Europe to lay low so that he could forget her awful memory and start anew, while also faking his death to make it look like she killed him and then herself. Joe also had to give his son up to Dante so that Henry wouldn't grow up to become as sick and twisted as his parents. And her father, Ray Quinn, sent an assassin named Elliot Tannenberg after Joe so that he could avenge the death of his daughter, which failed due to the fact that Elliot decided not to kill Joe. Joe's awful experience with Love left him paranoid and wary of who he chooses to stalk, since he gets immense deja vu of Love when he sees Kate Galvin holding a knife that was lodged into the dead body of her friend Gemma, who Rhys Montrose killed. Her memory also continues to haunt him through his dreams, and her actions become known to Kate's father, Tom Lockwood.

After Joe kills Tom Lockwood, following a failed attempt to commit suicide to prevent any more misery that he could cause, Kate Galvin helps clear Joe's name and record after she inherits her father's company and resources, with everyone now thinking that Joe Goldberg was innocent and a survivor of Love's mental instability due to Joe Goldberg lying once more.

But people continued to remember Love Quinn as a deranged, lovesick, unstable, and obsessive serial killer who acted on impulse.


𝐘𝐎𝐔 are just as broken as I am. You're just a much better liar.
―Forty to Love.

At first, Love shows herself to be intelligent, kind, and good-natured, as she loves cooking for people and making others happy. She has a close bond with her brother, being protective and caring for his needs, often taking him to places where he needs to be. Once she meets Joe, she shows herself to be outgoing, taking him on adventures but having an on-and-off relationship with him. inside, she shows herself to be saddened by many things that have happened in her life, such as her losing her husband and the abuse she and her brother suffered from their parents. Despite having suffered from a great loss, she is shown to be an idyllic person, as Joe is unable to resist falling in love with her.

However, most of Love's compassionate personality is a façade, as she is an obsessive, cunning, manipulative, possessive, and delusional individual. She is willing to go to great lengths to have Joe, wanting him to meet her friends immediately, and was annoyed that he cancelled some of their dates. Love is cunning and analytical; she is able to figure out what the perfect meal is for Joe and manipulate many events for him to stay with her. She is also strategic, as she tells Joe of her plan to have Ellie fall for the murders but knows she won't be arrested because of her family's connections. In addition, she is greatly possessive, wanting her brother to always need her and wanting Joe close to her.

She is also unnervingly delusional, telling Joe that he was justified in killing Beck and stating that she wasn't special. In addition, she believes that what she does is for Joe's love, as she kills Delilah and Candace and is willing to help cover up Henderson's murder. This is further proven when she admits to stalking Joe and admits that she has loved him since then, causing him to lose his idyllic and perfect view of Love. Something worth pointing out is that as the story in Season 3 progresses, Love becomes more and more unstable, and she finds it harder to hide her true nature. And her shaking and panting when she seemingly kills Theo backs up this claim.

She is a mirror image of Joe himself, as both have experienced abuse from their childhoods, grieve over loved ones, and are willing to protect someone they care for. Both are also greatly charming and manipulative, being able to put on facades that are kind and nurturing and have a strange idea of romance. However, both are honorable in some ways, as both have protected their loved ones, as Joe killed Ron to protect Paco and Love murdered Sofia to protect Forty.


Season 2[]

  • "Excuse me, does this peach look like a butt?"
  • "Ever since it happened I can see this thing in people, who have been through it. I see it every time I look in your eyes. You've felt it. Real love. Real loss."
  • "Love is being there when someone's damage makes them impossible, knowing that they are so much more than their worst moments. It's sticky, it's messy, often potentially way too much to handle. But it's so much better than perfect, because it's real."
  • "No to goodbye. I refuse your goodbye. You are the first thing in so long that has felt right. I grew up with toxic, conditional love. I'm done. I forgive your stupid lie. I just want to be with you, to have a life with you."
  • "I knew right away I recognized something in you. And hey, smart, sexy, funny, a little darkness that made you less storybook, more real. When you pulled away I told myself, 'I can fix him'. For a while it was working. I showed you how to heal. But you were stronger than I thought. I showed you what I wanted by showing you what I didn't want. When you stood by me, united, I knew together we could be better than the family I was born into. Maybe I got a little obsessed. Maybe I used my parents means to do a little digging after Candace left. They owed me that  much. I devoured your dead ex's book front to back. All the articles, think pieces, reading between the lines. And I realized, Guinevere Beck was unspecial and mediocre. She didn't deserve you. And then, I found the real you, Joe. You were even smarter more passionate, more devoted than I'd known. You were crafty and earthy and it must be said you bring out genius. Don't think Beck could have written that in a million years without your push. Yeah, you did some terrible things. But that's what sensitive people do when they're trapped in a bad relationship. I tried to coax the real you out. If you could trust me, show me your heart, even the darkest parts, then we'd be starting our future together on the right foot. But then, Delilah. She found out who you were and recoiled. You lost faith. You were gonna give up on us. Our little family in the making. So I followed you. I dealt with Delilah the same way I dealt with the au pair. I'm protecting you because I want to, Joe. You didn't break me. You opened your heart to me. We're soul mates, Joe."
  • "Right, you think I'm a psycho now. Did you actually believe I wanted to hurt anyone? I hated doing that to Delilah. I had just taken the test, I had just found out. Was I gonna let this destroy our baby's life? My whole life, I've been doing what it takes when I love someone. And I love you."
  • "I was stupid to think that you would forgive me. I had to tell myself you would so I could go through with it. But you hate me now. If you want to hate me, run, turn me in, hurt me, just fucking do it. I'm not gonna keep you here. I understand if you can't love me anymore, or don't want to."

Season 3[]

  • "I'm not the problem... my husband is the problem..."
  • "You kept a box! I know what that means! I know you!"
  • "I didn't plan it like some kind of psychopath!"
  • "Sometimes I get passionate."
  • "Why does everybody think I'm impulsive?!"
  • "You act all pure and noble, like you have reasons to do what you do. But when I do it, I'm crazy, right? I'm some manic nut job!"
  • "If I'm not enough for you, you'll kill me!"
  • "I keep asking myself, why am I trying to win Sherry's approval when she keeps stabbing me in the back like a fucking stealth cunt? I get it now, I'm recreating my relationship with you."
  • "I fell so in love with Joe, but I don't even like him anymore. He makes me feel bad for being me."
  • "I killed Natalie for you!"
  • "That psycho brought a gun into our house? God these people are even more fucked up than I thought."
  • "You made me feel like you really saw me. Like you were perfectly happy. You made me feel like I needed to protect you."
  • "Come to find out you that you are happy to murder' just for a different woman. Meanwhile here I am doing it for you."
  • "I'm not the problem. My husband is the problem."
  • "We're perfect for each other. But bad for Henry."


Season 2 (10/10)[]

Season 3 (10/10)[]

Season 4 (1/10)[]


Love Quinn is a handsome woman, 1.60 meters tal and has a striking appearance with long, brown hair that frames her delicate face and expressive blue eyes. She exudes a casual elegance in her style of dressing, combining sophistication with a modern touch, reflecting her creative and intriguing personality. Her captivating presence is one of the aspects that makes her such a memorable character.





Murders Committed[]


  1. Sofia - Throat slashed. (Love, Actually)
  2. James Kennedy - Poisoned. (What is Love?)
  3. Delilah Alves - Throat slashed. (Fear and Loathing in Beverly Hills)
  4. Candace Stone - Stabbed in neck with broken bottle. (P.I. Joe)
  5. Natalie Engler - Killed with an axe. (And They Lived Happily Ever After)


  1. Gil Brigham - At first, he's knocked out by Love and later imprisoned by Joe Goldberg, who threatened him with some dirt he had on him, which made him to commit suicide. (Hands Across Madre Linda)


  • Love's fate in the books is very different from the TV series, she instead commited suicide, and is not killed by Joe. She shot Joe in the head, but he survived, as she felt that she was unloved and forgotten by Joe, (this was because of Love's parents refusing to let Joe to see Love and their new born son Henry)..
    • Love is also not a murderer, as she was not the one who killed either Delilah or Candance, that was all from Joe. Her role in the second book, Hidden Bodies, is more as a major character, while in the third book, You Love Me, she doesn't play an important role and she is barely in it.
  • In the book, Love doesn't actually kill anyone but discovers Joe's crimes and willingly covers them up.
  • Love saying the word "wolf" as a replacement verb for "love" is a foreshadowing of her true nature: being an intelligent predator that hides in sheep's clothing and strategically traps their prey.
  • Love fits the western example of the Yandere archetype. She's possessive of Joe, but she becomes exceptionally so as she kills Candace and Delilah.
  • She possibly suffered from borderline personality disorder, which is also something that most yanderes have.



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