Love Quinn is a main character in the television series You. She is portrayed by Victoria Pedretti.


Love is an artistic, and aspiring chef in Los Angeles working as a produce manager in a high-end grocery store named Anavrin (which, in fact, is Nirvana spelled backwards). She's not interested in social media or branding and is much more focused on her personal life.

She is fiercely independent, and protective of her younger brother, Forty Quinn. Love is in grief when she meets Joe, and can sense he too has known life-changing loss.

Early Life

Love Quinn was one of the Quinn children, the other being her younger sibling Forty Quinn. As they grew up, Love has always despised her parents for being 'too self-absorbed'. This culminated in an event where she murdered their family's au pair named Sofia for abusing Forty's innocence. To cover up her act, she framed Forty and the Quinn family made it look like Sofia committed suicide.

While Forty continued to dwell on his drug addiction, Love stood by his side and protected him whenever he needs it. Eventually, they managed Anavrin side-by-side, being co-dependent with each other.

Season 2

Love met Joe at Anavrin when she was shopping for her dinner. Unbeknownst to Joe, Love has planned their meeting all along, and devised plans to get to know more about him.

The two eventually fell in love and had a sweet-rough relationship. Things were fine until Candace (disguised as Amy Adam) entered their lives as Forty's girlfriend. Amy immediately earned Love's distrust as she acts shifty when she's around Joe (disguised as Will Bettelheim). Love eventually hired a private investigator to look into Amy, and it didn't take long until her true identity was revealed.

Love cornered Candace in Joe's apartment when she was trying to break in, and Candace finally spit out the information about Joe's true identity, and showed a picture of her and Joe when they were still in a relationship,shocking Love. She paid Candace to get out of their lives, but as expected, Candace stayed in touch through Forty.

Love once again ordered her private investigator to look into Joe's identity, and this time, she started to get obsessed with him. She spied on him, read Beck's book front to back, and eventually found his cage in the Lock of Fame Storage, but instead of being turned off, this turned her on, remarking that Joe was 'crafty and earthy'.

When Delilah found Joe's cage, he locked her up within, and planned to move out of Los Angeles to escape. Love caught wind of this and started to investigate. She followed a drugged Joe into the Storage and found Delilah, who was excited to see Love and begged her to help her escape as she doubts that Joe will let her go. Love realized that Delilah was the cause of Joe leaving LA, and in a fit of rage and panic, she slit Delilah's throat, immediately killing her. She left the body in the cage, and Joe eventually found it.

When Candace gained knowledge of the Storage through Forty's video call, she went there immediately, and found Joe in the cage together with Delilah's corpse. She locked her up and called Love, saying that she will finally get justice for what Joe has done to her.

Love finally arrived at the Storage, and Candace persuaded her to call the cops and bring Joe to justice. She didn't believe her at first and told Joe to deny it. To her surprise, Joe admitted all the atrocities he has done, including killing Beck, Henderson, and burying Candace. Love was 'disgusted' by this and ran outside to puke, and Candace followed her, leaving Joe to contemplate with his actions.

In a shocking turn of events, Love slit Candace's throat with a broken bottle, killing her. She went back to Joe and told him that 'she took care of it'. Joe was initially confused, but was convinced that 'he broke her'. He told her to remain quiet because it was not her fault. He also admitted that he killed Beck, Henderson, and Delilah. Love denied this and finally revealed her crimes, her murder of Sofia, Delilah, and Candace. She also admitted that she stalked her like what he did, and Joe was terrified of what's going to happen to Ellie now that Delilah is gone. Love made plans for her and reluctantly, Joe agreed. She also revealed to Joe that she was pregnant with him.

Forty was eventually convinced of Beck's murder, and tried to get Love out from Joe. They made a showdown in Anavrin, which culminated to Forty being killed by Officer Fincher.

Love and Joe finally got the life that they wished for, but is it really the end?


Season 2 (10/10) 


Forty Quinn

  • Relation: Brother

James Kennedy

  • Relation: Late husband



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