Joseph Goldberg is the main character in the television series You. He is portrayed by Penn Badgley.


Joe is a loner bookstore manager who becomes infatuated with a woman named Guinevere Beck and begins to stalk her in a variety of ways to find out everything about her and make her fall in love with him. However, his obsession soon becomes out of control when he starts trying to control every aspect of her life.

Early life

Joseph Goldberg was the only child born into a dysfunctional relationship. He idealized his mother, who he said was his home no matter where they were. His father was abusive to him and his mother. His mother frequently cheated on his father, often leaving Joe alone in public areas while doing so. His father would torture him, for example putting cigarettes out under his arms, trying to force him to confess his mother's infidelity- which he would never do. His mother would sometimes take Joe and leave his father, usually in the company of another man, but would always come back. She hid a gun in a closet where Joe would often hide and showed Joe that it was there and that if he hurt them again she would stop him. But instead, Joe later used the gun to shoot his father, protecting his mother from his beating, killing him. His mom told him that he was a good boy who would never hurt anyone and was only protecting her. Shortly after, she turned him over to social services, telling him that being with her was not the best thing for him and he was put into a group home. There, an older man named Mr. Mooney, a retired Soviet prison guard who owned a bookstore, took him under his wing. He took care of Joe and guided him but would also abuse him in various ways that he saw as teaching Joe lessons he needed to learn and shaping him into what he believed he should be. This included locking Joe in a glass cage in the bookstore basement for periods of time until he could prove the lesson was learned.

Season 1

The first season follows bookstore manager, Joe Goldberg as he tries to win over MFA student Guinevere Beck by manipulating everything and everyone around her. They first meet at Mooney's, the bookstore where Joe and his co-worker Ethan work. Right after their encounter, Joe starts to obsessively find all the information on Beck that he can via her social media accounts. He justifies his actions by stating that in order to pursue Beck, he wants to make sure that she is worth it and won't break his heart, which he continuously implies, that a similar instance occurred in the past with his ex-girlfriend, Candace Stone, who mysteriously disappeared following the end of their relationship.

Meanwhile, Joe is good friends with his young next-door neighbor, Paco, who has an abusive home life and is always trying to escape by reading tons of books. Joe has a soft spot for Paco because he sees a lot of his childhood in Paco's. As Paco's situation at home with Ron, his stepfather, deteriorates over time, Joe finds himself getting more and more involved. As a response, Ron admonishes Joe's actions, by stating that he is suspicious of him and that he needs to stay far away from Paco.

After a day of following Beck around in the shadows, he stalks her to one of the New York City Subway stations, where she falls on the train tracks. He successfully saves Beck from imminent death, before the train arrives. Later, it is revealed that he stole her phone during his attempt at helping Beck and starts to read every content, she has shared with her friends, workers and family members. Going through her messages, Joe uncovers the identity of Benji Ashby, Beck's on and off hook-up buddy. Joe starts plotting how to get rid of Benji from Beck's life because he believes that Benji is an obstacle to his future relationship with Beck. He tricks Benji into having a business meeting with him and hits him over the head with a mallet, keeping him captive in his basement. To not raise any suspicions about Benji's whereabouts, Joe starts using his phone and social media accounts to keep up the ruse that Benji decided to remotely travel somewhere without any notice. This move more or less works for Beck who tries to put Benji behind her. Though, Joe is adamant about getting rid of Benji due to his knowledge of Joe's complicity in kidnapping him and stalking Beck, which poses a great risk and threat to his future plans. Resorting to a final decision, he kills Benji by using his peanut allergy against him. After Benji suffocates to death, Joe wraps his corpse and successfully burns it in the woods.

After Benji's out of the picture, Joe and Beck start dating and he is introduced to her world and friends that he doesn't really fit in with. Beck's best friend, Peach Salinger, has been suspicious of Joe from the start. Joe is suspicious of Peach as well, and starts following her for information. He soon finds that Peach is just as obsessed with Beck as he is and regularly manipulates her for her own gratification. Joe decides that Peach is a danger to Beck and their relationship and needs to be dealt with. He begins trying to sabotage the friendship by exposing the other side of Peach to Beck. This seems to work when they have a fight, but Peach fakes a suicide attempt and Beck runs to her side, Joe sees through the act and how peach is manipulating Beck, reinforcing his belief that she is bad for her and that he has to protect Beck from her. He follows her during her jogging routine in Central Park and hits her with a rock at the back of her head. This also backfires when Peach survives and Beck becomes even more dedicated to taking care of Peach, bringing them even closer. When Peach insists she and Beck need to retreat to her family's home outside the city so she can recover, planning to present Beck with 2 tickets to Paris, Joe becomes desperate to make Beck see that Peach is bad for her and follows them. He is in a car accident on the way leaving him with a severe concussion, blackouts and hallucinations. These all prove to be a serious problem for Joe as he attempts to creep about the house with the girls undetected while visions of his e- girlfriend Candace harass him and he randomly passes out at inconvenient times and places. Beck leaves after an argument with Peach, who then finds him in her house still securely in his head. She pulls a gun on him, the two of them struggle over it, and it ends up going off, killing Peach. Joe frames it as a suicide.

Beck starts dealing with grief in the aftermath of Peach's death by going to therapy, which threatens Joe's perception and role in the relationship because he wants to be the person she confides in. He starts getting suspicious of her relationship with her therapist, Dr. Nicky, and begins to think she is cheating on him. This triggers flashbacks of his experience with Candace cheating on him and destroying him completely. He begins therapy sessions with Dr. Nicky under a fake name in an attempt to confirm the nature of his relationship with Beck. After their session, he breaks into the office and listens to recordings of Beck's sessions, deciding he was mistaken about the affair and she really needed space to heal from her loss as she said. He commits to letting her go and Joe begins a relationship with Karen Minty, Paco's babysitter. The two of them have a simple, easy relationship without any of the obsession and dysfunction that drove his relationship with Beck. He knows that Karen is good for him and they are both happy, but he feels something is missing. He convinces himself he is over Beck while still obsessively keeping tabs of her on social media. Meanwhile, Paco's mom, Claudia breaks up with Ron, with the help of Joe's encouragement, but soon relapses back into drug addiction.

During their time apart, Beck decides she needs to focus on her work and healing personally. Her experience with Peach and her death is published and Joe credits himself for her newfound success because she wouldn't have had the opportunities she had if he hadn't "protected" her from Peach as he did. Later Beck realizes she misses Joe and becomes jealous of his relationship with Karen Minty, believing she pushed away a good thing. She pursues him again and even though Joe keeps reminding himself he needs to be good to Karen, they begin a sexual affair together behind his girlfriend's back. Joe feels bad and ends things with Karen and he and Beck get back together. Karen confronts Beck on the street telling her that she had helped her see Joe's true colors by having an affair with him and that it saved her from whatever fate might have met Candace, who she had heard him screaming for in his sleep. Beck starts to get suspicious of Joe's avoidant behavior whenever discussing the topic of his Candace and the circumstances surrounding her disappearance that Beck begins to piece together. Again we flash back to his relationship with Candace and his discovery that she was cheating on him. He confronts the other man, Elijah Thornton, on a rooftop, accusing him of manipulating and taking advantage of Candace which ends with Elijah plummeting to his death. Panicked, Joe goes to Mr. Mooney and tells him what has happened and Mooney assures him that everything will be fine and helps him.

Things between Beck and Joe seem to be going according to Joe's fantasy ideals but he can't let go of discrepancies in Beck's stories and behaviors when he had been suspicious of her cheating with Dr. Nicky. He has to know the truth, so he assaults dr. Nicky while in disguise just so he can go through his phone- confirming that he had been sleeping with Beck. He furiously confronts her and she admits to the affair. She apologizes and consoles him, saying she has never loved anyone the way she loves him. This makes him forgive her almost immediately and reignites his hope that they have a chance. They make up and are seemingly happier than ever until Joe leaves the apartment to go shopping one morning, Paco stops by and inadvertently reveals to Beck the secret hiding spot Joe had shown him. She curiously explores the spot and finds a box containing possessions of hers Joe has stolen over time, including her lost phone, as well as the phones of Peach and Benji and Benji's teeth. Before she can escape, Joe realizes she has found it and is going to run and kidnaps her and traps her in the basement of the bookstore. When she wakes up, he tells her she just needs some time, perspective and evidence to realize he isn't a bad guy and has done everything for her, and insists that being in the cage can be a good experience for her like it had ended up being for him when he was younger, if only she will let it be. Beck realizes she needs to convince him she loves and accepts him and that he can trust her if he is ever going to release her. 

While Joe is dealing with the Beck situation, Ron puts Paco's mom in the hospital and Paco assaults him with a baseball bat when he drunkenly returns to the apartment. Ron chases after Paco threatening to kill him and Paco tries to hide from him. Joe arrives home just in time to stop Ron by killing him before he gets to Paco. Joe explains to Paco that Ron was bad and had to be stopped in order for him and his mom to be safe and that Joe would take care of everything, Paco just needed to not tell anyone what happened and everything would be okay. 

When he gets back to Beck, she thoroughly convinces him that is on his side by providing him with a novel she had written detailing their relationship and the tragic events that followed but attributing everything to Dr Nicky rather than Joe and telling him they would go public with it, keeping Joe from getting into any trouble and allowing them to be together. When he happily believes in her promises and decides to release her, she stabs him with a typewriter key, locks him in the cage, tells him she could never love him and tries to escape, only to realize there is a second locked door. She screams for help and Paco hears her, but when she tells him Joe has killed people, Paco thinks she has found out about Ron and panics, leaving her locked in. Joe uses a spare key to get out of the cage and though Beck hits him with a mallet and takes the keys to the door, Joe grabs her and the scene cuts away.

We see Joe frame dr Nicky by submitting her manuscript and dumping evidence and her body on Dr Nicky's property. He is arrested for Beck's murder and her story of how her affair with her therapist turned into a nightmare became a top seller.

Joe tries to settle back into life after the chaos but is quickly thrown back into it when his Candace pays him a visit.

Season 2

After Joe is stunned by seeing Candace at Mooney's, she asks to continue their conversation in public to discuss their troubled history. Sitting in a cafe in New York, Joe appears to be in distress, wondering how Candace is alive. Candace fills in some of the missing details, including surviving the night that Joe almost killed her. Further taunting Joe, she states that she is aware of his complicity in Beck's death. Joe becomes increasingly alarmed and later asks her if he can go to the restroom before they continue their discussion. Candace is quick to discern Joe's true intentions, and rushes to the room but Joe has escaped from her grasp. In retaliation, Candace calls Joe, who picks up and gets a scorned reminder that he can't truly escape from her and that he will eventually get his comeuppance. After Joe hangs up and throws his phone to the ground in fury, he takes a taxi to the airport in order to catch a flight to Los Angeles.

After arriving at Los Angeles International Airport, Joe notices a public frenzy surrounding the famous stand-up comedian, Henderson. As he passes by, Joe manages to get his luggage from the baggage claim area and proceeds to the city. Sometime later, Joe encounters Will Bettelheim, a hacker from a Craigslist meeting. As Will suggests to Joe that he cannot fulfil his request to create an untraceable identity in a limited timeframe, Joe kidnaps Will and imprisons him in a plexiglass vault hidden in a storage facility that he rented. Using the kidnapee's name as a pseudonym, Joe secures an apartment and befriends the building manager and neighbor, Delilah Alves and her teenage sister, Ellie Alves. Later, Joe manages to find Ellie at a rooftop taking videos. Due to being anxious of his true identity being exposed, he demands her to hand over the phone for review. Joe tries to grab the phone from Ellie, resulting in the phone accidentally slipping from her grasp and falling down the building. She later chastises Joe, stating that she was committing to a filming project for homework. Later, he purchases a new phone for her and apologizes for his earlier behavior.

With limited funds, Joe searches for a job in Los Angeles and later, meets Calvin (Adwin Brown), the manager of a trendy family-owned grocery store, Anavrin. After persuading Calvin, Joe is hired as a clerk in the book cafe of the store. Upon leaving the interview, Joe encounters Love Quinn, a widow and spirited local who works in the kitchen and later, unknowingly meets her troublesome addict-riddled brother, Forty Quinn. Joe tries to talk to him, but is initially met with a sarcastic derision by Forty. Love comforts Joe and mentions that he doesn't have to worry about being fired. Soon after, she tries to make advances on Joe, but he initially resists, citing his contentious history with his previous partner. Later, Joe ends up at the DMV to acquire an ID card. After meeting with Love at the field office, Love offers to take him on a food tour of the city, including Anavrin, to get to know him. Joe finds himself attracted to the idea and agrees on the plan. Later, Love believes that their encounters are not mere coincidences but attributable to fate. It is later revealed that Joe in many instances manipulated the circumstances to get his job and apartment and secretly orchestrated his encounter with Love, in order to get closer to her.

The next day, Love takes Joe to the fish market and then kisses him. Moments after, he begins to picture Beck. Paranoid at the thought of being haunted by a vision of his deceased ex-girlfriend and terrified of repeating the same mistakes that doomed his previous relationship, he tells Love that he isn't ready to move forward and start a new relationship just yet. Love respects Joe's decision and later invites him to a small brunch with her friends. Joe bails on the invite and conjures a quick lie, citing that Forty requested his help with some tasks at the store. Later, Joe corresponds with a man named Jasper Krenn, who is after the real Will Bettelheim for owing him money without giving adequate documentation and a foolproof alias for disappearing. After Joe manages to secure the funds by selling a fake first-edition book for cash, he finds Jasper outside Anavrin. When Joe reveals that he has the $3,000 in cash up front, Jasper states that he owes him more than that. Joe promises him that he will deliver the $50,000 by the end of the day, but is met with a surprising response. Jasper pins Joe down and severs the tip of one of his fingers. Joe bleeds uncontrollably while Jasper explains that if Joe can stop the bleeding, he'll have about 12 hours to get his fingertip reattached. Prior to leaving, Jasper mentions to Joe that he will keep the fingertip in a cooler of ice as ransom. He further adds that he would exchange it with Joe as soon as he receives the funds. Will instructs Joe to go to a house party at San Fernando Valley in order to retrieve the rest of the cash from a man named Rufus.

Before heading to the party, Joe rushes to the lunch gathering and spies on Love and her friends: Lucy Sprecher, a Hollywood agent, Sunshine Darshan Cummings, Lucy's partner, and Gabe Miranda, Love's gay best friend and expert acunpunturist. Love later realizes through a conversation with Forty that Joe lied to her. When Joe arrives to the party, he notices a few familiar guests including his neighbor, Delilah, and Henderson, the comedian he saw earlier at the airport. After a short conversation with Delilah and Henderson, Joe manages to quickly excuse himself and tries to locate Rufus. After finding Rufus, Joe is met with much dismay as the man he was looking for, offers him a bag of pills instead. Soon after, Rufus mentions that he has been dealing some off-brand Canadian meds to Will for his bipolar disorder. After discovering the truth, Joe attempts to threaten Will and states that he would gladly hand him over to Jasper if he tries to mislead him again.

During the night, Love goes to Joe's apartment and confronts him. As a result of his existing injury, Joe begins to slowly hallucinate and sees a ghost image of Beck again. Love questions Joe's intention on canceling her lunch invite and then reveals to him, that she uncovered his lie through talks with her brother Forty. After Love pushes for Joe to open up to her, he quickly freaks out and yells until she later storms out in fury. Afterwards, Joe quickly goes back to the storage facility with the intention of luring Jasper there. After his plan succeeds, he successfully kills him with a knife. During the process of wrapping his body with plastic sheets, he sees another vision of Beck again, this time inside the plexiglass vault. He apologizes to her and then leaves the facility to drive to St. Henry's Medical Center, an after-hours clinic, but not before storing Jasper's corpse in the trunk of his car. After Joe's finger is re-attached, thanks to a quick reconstructive surgery, Joe travels to Anavrin, in order to dismember Jasper by cutting, grinding and then, disposing the remnants of the dead body at a dumpster. He later travels to Love's place, with the intention of apologizing to her regarding his earlier outburst. After they reconcile and decide to just be friends for the moment, Love attempts to encourage Joe to write a goodbye note to his ex-girlfriend and burn it in a barrel, to close the door on that relationship. Back at the apartment, Delilah tells Joe she was drugged and raped as a teenager by Henderson.

Over time, Joe tries to resist his growing attraction to Love. During a conversation, Love discusses Forty's failing efforts at screenwriting and filmmaking. Eager to help her brother out from a rut, he befriends Forty as a distraction. At a stand-up party, Joe catches Ellie hanging out with Henderson and promises to protect her from the predator, having already secretly installed a control chip in her cell phone that he purchased for her earlier. Trying to frame Henderson, Joe infiltrates a party at the comedian's house, where Forty tries to pitch his own project but has a tumultuous meltdown. Afterwards, Joe assists Forty and later calls Love to take care of her brother. The two then share a sexual relationship. After helping Will by giving him the meds that he received from Rufus, Joe has him go through Henderson's stolen laptop, but finds nothing. Subsequently, he learns from Forty that there is a secret room in Henderson's place, which harbors enough evidence for police to investigate the comedian for his illicit activities.

Joe's burgeoning relationship with Love is challenged by Forty's constant need for reassurance and emotional dependency. Meanwhile, Joe tries to juggle with another dilemma, this time, navigating Love's inner circle of friends. Much to his surprise, he discovers that they're different and more friendlier than he expected. Later, Joe visits the storage unit and inquires Will on a hypothetical scenario involving his potential release from the vault. In the process of answering the question, Will leaves a useful advice to Joe that allows him to enter Henderson's apartment without tripping the security system in place. After Joe successfully enters Henderson's house, he discovers the secret room, containing Polaroid photos of unconscious women, including Delilah under a tile. Later, Joe discovers that Ellie has disabled the chip on her phone and is heading right to Henderson's house, where the comedian plans on spiking her drink with GHB. Unbeknownst to Henderson, Joe manages to spike his drink too. When Henderson wakes up in the secret room, Joe removes his blindfold and interrogates him. He continues to torture Henderson until he confesses about the photos. After Joe becomes impatient with his excuses, he takes off the mask in a fit of rage. Henderson finally recognizes him. As Joe turns his back on him for a moment, Henderson uses the opportunity to break the chair and dash ahead for the stairs. Joe later grabs him but accidentally knocks him down the stairs, killing him. After Ellie awakes and leaves Henderson's house, Joe attempts to clean up the murder scene. On the way to his apartment, he is confronted by Delilah’s cop friend, David Fincher who catches him red-handed for jaywalking, but lets him go with a warning. Back at the vault, Joe frees Will after he promises him, that he will disappear and will not report him.

As Forty returns back to town from a film festival at Austin, he tells Love that he met an attractive woman named Amy, who turns out to actually be Candace. Later, Love invites Joe to a wellness retreat organized by her parents for their anniversary. Forty is accompanied by Candace now posing as Amy, who accidentally tracked Joe down after seeing him in an online video of Forty's collapse at Henderson's house. Candace remembers her history with Joe: she had tried to leave him after the break up, but he kidnapped and had held her prisoner. During an attempted escape, Joe had injured her by mistake and, believing that he had killed her, had buried her alive in a shallow grave. Shortly after waking up, she tried to file a report at a police station to have Joe arrested. She was unable to do so, for lack of evidence. After hearing of Beck's death and being forced to rebuild a life in a new city, she vowed to get revenge against her ex-boyfriend for the abuse she endured. During the group activities, Joe is pushed to the limit by the presence of Candace, along with Love's dysfunctional family dynamic. After Forty has another breakdown and Love confronts her mother, she later confides in Joe about Forty's sexual assault in his childhood. During the moment, Joe opens up about the sufferings of his father's physical abuse in his early childhood years. With secrets out, Joe and Love feel closer than ever. Soon after, Joe tells Love that he loves her.

On the last night of the retreat, Candace warns Joe, that the truth will come out, reiterating again that he will get his comeuppance. Later, it is revealed that she has convinced Forty to write a script based on Beck's novel. Shortly after, Joe is notified of an update surrounding Henderson's case. Initially filed as a suicide, police now suspect Henderson's death was a murder. Days later, Joe attends Henderson's funeral along with Love, her brother and friends. Afterwards, Joe is seen following Candace down the street. He later ditches his stalking efforts, as he assumes that an undercover cop is discreetly surveilling him. Later, Candace attempts to sneak into Joe’s apartment but Delilah's quick presence puts her plans to rest. Through flashbacks, Love is seen to be interacting with her deceased husband, James Kennedy at Anavrin. In the present, Love becomes suspicious of Candace's behavior. As a result, she hires a private investigator to follow her. Joe decides to sneak in Candace's temporary Airbnb accommodation to eliminate her. Meanwhile, Candace enters Joe's apartment again but meet Love who discovered her troubled story thanks to the investigator. Candace exposes the whole truth about Joe's past, including his fake identity and his attempts to kill her. After leaving Candace's place, Joe heads back to his apartment. Moments later, he is confronted by Love and convinces her that he left New York to escape from Candace's wrath. He falsely attributes all of her accusations against him as mere lies designed to torment him. Although relieved to hear Joe's side of the story, Love later leaves him anyway, but Forty insists that Joe keep his job at the store. Back at the apartment, Joe comforts Delilah, shocked that Henderson's transgressions will never be made public due to his infamous passing. After bonding over a shared moment, they have a short-lived fling.

After breaking up with Joe, Love begins an affair with Milo Warrington, her late husband's best friend. Joe tries to get into online dating via a book lover app but is disappointed with his lack of success. Later, Joe tracks Milo on his hiking trek but meets up with Gabe. He recommends Joe an acupuncture treatment at his clinic to which Joe agrees to. At the clinic, Joe undergoes a very emotional and spiritual experience as part of the treatment. Later at night, Delilah thanks Joe for suggesting that she write an article about her experience with Henderson. After walking across an alley with a couple of drinks, they decide to engage in sex. Shortly after, the police arrested the two for lewd conduct in a public place. As Fincher refuses to help them, Joe successfully manages to get Forty to use his connections to get them out of jail. Later, Milo tries to take his relationship with Love to the next level, but she appears to grow increasingly indifferent to his affections. Forty then starts a fight with Milo involving Joe and angering Love. Fincher's suspicions of Joe's involvement in Henderson's death lead Delilah to investigate his apartment, finding the keys to the storage facility. Going there she starts taking pictures but is surprised by Joe who saw her through the cameras. He locks her and cuffs her in the vault but promises to let her go the next day when she safely leaves town.

Later, Forty sets up an elaborate self-abduction scheme by locking himself, Joe and Ellie in a hotel room to fix his script. Joe is uncomfortable with Forty's antics and struggles to leave before Delilah's automatic handcuffs free her. After Ellie suggests rewriting the script from scratch, Forty gets frustrated and runs off to a bar. Joe later tries to calm him, before being drugged unknowingly with LSD by Forty as a way to stimulate the creative process. Meanwhile, Love finds Joe's farewell letter. Joe tries not to give in to the effects of the drug, while Forty wastes his time being high. Afterwards, Joe and Love reconcile, and Love convinces him to stay in Los Angeles. After some time has passed, Forty finally finishes the script by correctly inferring that Beck's ex killed her in a crime of passion. Forty confesses to Joe that as a young man he also killed the au pair that assaulted him as a child, in a fit of jealousy while under the influence of drugs. Without being under the influence anymore, Joe rushes to Delilah but finds her dead in the storage unit.

Confused, Joe believes he didn't kill Delilah, as he promised to let her free, as he did with Will. He tries to retrace his steps whilst he was previously under the influence of LSD. Later, Joe gets a call from Will and finds out that he did not report him, thereby sticking to his deal. Will later informs him that he took a trip to Manila to see his girlfriend. In Anavrin, he learns from Calvin that he and Forty had gone shopping and, upon returning home, he realizes that Forty had called Candace to ask her to have a relationship while Joe was going to Delilah. Candace goes to Forty and they argue, as he insists on not believing her story about Joe's crimes. While going to a liquor store to drink, Candace discovers the location of the vault from a video sent to her by Forty and arrives on the spot to find Joe with Delilah's corpse. She locks him in the vault and calls Love to prove that Joe is a dangerous killer. Meanwhile, Joe, giving an account of his crimes and traumas suffered in childhood, realizes the depravity of his acts and decides to confess the whole truth to Love. Love later reacts to the truth unexpectedly, by luring Candace away from the vault and killing her to prevent her from calling the police.

Later, Love reveals to Joe, that she was the one who created the conditions to make him fall in love with her. She explains that she was armed with information that she gathered from findings noted from her family's private investigator. During the conversation, she mentions that when she was young, she was the one who killed Forty's child rapist and framed him for the murder. She also reveals that she was the one who killed Delilah, to prevent Joe from being forced to flee to Mexico or being arrested by the authorities. Joe's perfect image of Love shatters, finding himself a prisoner in the same condition, Beck had found himself with him back in New York. Love then explains that she intends to frame Ellie for Henderson's murder, fake Delilah's death as a suicide for the backlash she received with the cancelation of her article, and then close the case in her favor, thanks to the wealth of her family, giving her an opportunity to build a new family with Joe and Forty.

Alarmed at Love's ensuing machinations, Joe tries to kill her, but he stops when she divulges to him that she's pregnant with his unborn daughter. Meanwhile, Forty continues to uncover the real mystery of Beck's murder and takes a flight to New York to interview Dr. Nicky at a correctional facility. Though, Forty starts to explain his theory about Joe, Dr. Nicky tells him that he is innocent but doesn't want to fight the case held against him. He further adds that his atonement is staying in prison, citing that it's punishment enough for the pain he caused his family. Although, Forty realizes that Dr. Nicky does not want to assist him any further, he finally has the last circumstantial evidence that points Joe to being Beck's real killer. After uncovering the truth, he quickly heads back to the west coast. Meanwhile, Joe finds Ellie at a back alley and reveals what happened to Delilah. Furious, Ellie demands to see her sister. Joe sends her away for safety concerns and promises to provide her financial support as recompense. Later, Forty confronts Joe and Love in Anavrin but not before firing Calvin from his position. He adamantly tries to get his sister away from Joe, citing that her partner is a serial killer. During a heated conversation, Love tries to calm her brother, only for him to snap back at her with a retort. He questions why Love is hesitant to admit the truth to herself. Continuing on, Forty claims that her sister has always been crazy, and is then killed by Fincher just before he manages to kill Joe.

Love uses the power of her family to clean up Joe's criminal record and frames Forty for the murder of Henderson. By the end of the season, Joe has returned to his obsessive nature, and, after moving in with Love in a suburban house, begins plotting a way to get to a new neighbor.


Season 1 (10/10)

Season 2 (10/10)

Romantic Relationships

Candace Stone

  • Status: Ex-girlfriend/broken up
  • Started: Pre-Pilot
  • Ended: Pre-Pilot

Guinevere Beck

Karen Minty

Love Quinn



  • Relation: Neighbor

Ellie Alves

  • Relation: Neighbor

Ethan Russell

  • Relation: Co-worker


  • Relation: Neighbor



  • Ron is the only character who sees through Joe, knowing something is wrong with him (aside from Peach, who only suspected him because she was jealous over Beck).

Book Comparisons


"At the end of the day, people are really just disappointing, aren't they?"

"The most valuable things in life are usually the most helpless. So they need people like us to protect them, ya know?"

"Uh, Beck, who the fuck is this?"

"I've seen enough romantic comedies to know that guys like me are always ending up in jams like this."

"All books add up to one essential truth, which is, if your IQ is above a certain number, life is pretty much unbearable." (quoting Mr. Mooney)

"The first step to fixing something is to know that no matter how destroyed it seems, it can always be saved."


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