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"Love, I will do breath work with you later. I have to save you from a LITERAL FUCKING SERIAL KILLER first." ― Forty to his sister Love Quinn

Forty Quinn was a main character in the television series You. He is portrayed by James Scully


Forty is a confident, opinionated, and privileged, a charming, but over sensitive and unbalanced. He's working through a 12-step program, relying on his sister for support and attention, but "it never takes much of a shove for him to fall back off the wagon."

Early Life

Forty was born to the rich and powerful Quinn family. He grew up close to his older twin sister, Love.

At around the age of 12, Forty was sexually abused by the much older Au Pair, Sofia, who the Quinns had hired to look after their kids while they were away establishing their business Anavrin. Forty did not recognize this relationship as abusive or inappropriate and considered her to be his first love. At one point, Sofia provided Forty with drugs and was sexually assaulting him. Love witnessed the situation and killed Sofia to protect Forty. However, she allowed him to believe that he had killed her which left Forty deeply disturbed. The Quinn family covered up the incident and made it appear to be a suicide.

Season 2

Forty is introduced as a spoiled and arrogant manager at Anavrin, which is owned by his parents. Joe, not realizing he is Love's twin brother, initially uses his unreasonable requests as an alibi to cancel plans with Love, but she tells him that she knows he's lying because Forty tells her everything. We also find out that Forty is a drug addict in recovery and has had serious troubles related to his addiction in the past. Love has always been the one to take care of him and clean up after him, adding to the intensely codependent nature of their relationship.

Joe attempts to befriend Forty, realizing that he is important to Love. He goes to an improv comedy night with him, where Forty is trying to reconnect with Henderson, a former friend of his. He says he wants to make amends with Henderson but is denied access to him by his manager. When Joe visits Henderson's party to steal his laptop, Forty follows him, as he wasn't invited. Inside, Forty attempts to pitch his latest idea to Henderson's agent, but she tells him she won't approve anything from him. She tells him that he doesn't have the talent or drive to be successful and should instead use his money to fund other people's projects as he might be good at that. Forty is very hurt by this and begins to drink and use drugs at the party. He then causes a scene, standing on a table waving a knife around as he describes his movie idea to the people at the party. Joe and Henderson try to calm him down. A video of this incident (in which Joe can be seen) goes viral. Joe takes Forty back to his apartment, Love rushes over to care for him. She and Joe start a relationship, having sex in the other room, which Forty overhears.

When Joe and Love first began dating Love decided to keep the fact they were dating secret from Forty, as his sobriety is fragile and she is worried he would not handle her beginning a relationship well. Forty confronts them at a brunch with Love's friends. He tells them that he had known of their relationship and was waiting to see when she would tell him. He is hurt and angry, making a scene that he had not been invited and that Love had continued to hide her relationship from him. The next day Forty apologized to Joe and Love. In order to appease Forty, Joe agreed to help Forty with writing his movies.

While out of town to pitch his movie idea, Forty met a girl named Amy Adam (who was Joe's ex Candace Stone using an alias) and they began dating. "Amy" had seen Joe in the video at Henderson's party and travelled to meet and befriend Forty so that she could get closer to Joe and expose him. He introduces her to Love, who is not particularly impressed. he returns with them to attend their parent's wellness retreat. Love tells Joe that Forty is always trying to impress his parents with different girls, and when it never works, he becomes distraught and usually falters in his sobriety.

At the retreat, Forty introduces "Amy" to his parents who are also not particularly impressed, especially his father. He also asks his father for money to invest in making a movie and his father is cold and brutal in his response. He insults Forty repeatedly, including referring to him as a "big flapping pussy" and refuses to help him. This sends Forty over the edge and he immediately goes to get high. He nearly misses his parents' vow renewal ceremony, but Joe finds him in time. However he interrupts the ceremony rambling negative things about the couple, drops his crack pipe in front of everyone, and Love rushes to his side escorting him away. Shortly after his mother comes to where they are and attacks Love, yelling at her and blaming her for Forty's outburst saying that her only job is to take care of her brother and she failed. When Love calls her a hypocrite, she smacks Love across her face.

Candace/"Amy" introduces Forty to Beck's posthumous book, which tells a story about her relationship with her therapist who ended up murdering her and encourages him to make it into a film as his project. He takes on Ellie as an intern and assistant.

When Candace revealed to Love that Joe had been using a fake alias for as long as he had known her she told her brother, but he and Love agreed not to fire Joe. He remains on good terms with Joe. He disapproves of Love's new relationship with Milo and seems to think she should get back together with Joe. He and Calvin set Joe up on dating sites, in the hope of making Love jealous. When Joe and Delilah are arrested for having sex in public, Forty sends his lawyer to get them released without processing.

Later, he gets into an argument with Milo over Love and includes Joe, which makes Love angry with both of them.

As Joe is preparing to leave town, Forty asks him for more help on his screenplay. While Joe is helping him, the are kidnapped by two men who are soon to be revealed to have been fired by Forty himself. They are locked in a hotel room to force them to work on the screenplay. A guard named Dimitri was placed outside the door to ensure neither Forty or Joe would leave. Ellie joins them and criticizes the script after they've spent several hours working on it and suggests they start over. Always responding negatively to criticism, Forty jumps out the hotel room window and Joe jumps after, searching for Forty and finally locating him at a bar, heavily drinking and wallowing in his self pity. Forty tells him he has still been communicating with Candice and that both of them need closure. On a whim, Forty approaches a nearby newlywed couple offering them a large amount of money to let him kiss the bride, which they awkwardly accept. Joe watches disgusted, recognizing that Forty is an expert manipulator who has already ruined the couple's marriage.

Joe insists they go back to the hotel and is confused when Forty writes a time on his arm. Forty explains this was the time Joe had began drinking his beverage, that he had spiked with LSD, and that he was unsure of the dosage so gave him a very high amount. Forty is obsessively immersing himself in creating the script of Beck's story and getting into the mind frame of her to understand better. He initiates a role play, with himself as Beck and tells Joe to be Dr. Nicky. Joe is confused and horrified in his current state and deeply affected by Forty's incredibly accurate portrayal of Beck's reaction to "Dr. Nicky", and her reaction to him when she was in his cage comes rushing back to him. He begins to strangle Forty in a mildly delirious rage but is brought back to reality when he knees him in the groin. As Joe breaks down sobbing on the carpet, Forty tells him he was impressed with his level of commitment to the scene and comforts him- adding that there is a safe word they can use to leave the room.

He later explains to Joe that he has come to the conclusion it was actually the barely mentioned boyfriend Beck wrote about that had killed her in a crime of passion and framed Dr. Nicky, and that he knows because he had been the one to kill the au pair when he was young. Joe comforts Forty, telling him he was just a kid and that he is forgiven.

The following morning, Joe questions what had happened the night before and he confesses that when Joe had wanted to go see Delilah, he had contacted Candace and left Joe alone to go and sleep with her. He apologizes to Joe, who quickly leaves to attend to Ellie.

Candace comes to Forty's after having read the script he had written with Beck's boyfriend being the true murderer. Forty tells her he had made a mistake the night before, that they should not have hooked up, and the only reason he had contacted her was because Joe had "booty called" Delilah. She questions him about Joe's involvement with Delilah and he tells her she is clearly obsessed with Joe and that he believes that is the true reason she had not left when Love had paid her to do so. She insists that she wants to protect him and Love from Joe because of what he did to her and that he had been right about who really murdered Beck- and that the boyfriend was Joe. He says he doesn't believe her but decides to look into Dr. Nicky and try to find out more.

He travels to New York to visit Dr. Nicky in prison and is contacted by Ellie, who has been taken in for questioning in Henderson's murder, He tells her he is going to send someone for her and not to say anything to anyone. He meets with Dr. Nicky and explains that he is working on a movie based on Beck's book and doesn't believe he killed her. Dr. Nicky tells him that while he is innocent of killing Beck, he is guilty of destroying his family and using her as well as others, is a bad person and deserves to be where he is. Forty shows him a picture of Joe who he identifies as the patient he had known as Paul Brown and tells Forty to stay away from him who says he can't, because he is dating his sister. Dr. Nicky refuses to discuss anything further with him and leaves.

Forty attempts to contact Love, who is dealing with the cleanup of Candace's body, and doesn't answer his call. He arrives to her friends' wedding and insists on seeing her because she is in danger but is refused to be let inside. Forty next goes to Anavrin where he orders the shop closed and fires Calvin when he objects, then texts Joe to meet him there. Calvin tells everyone else to leave the building (so that they don't get fired too), including Ellie who has come to speak to Forty. She hangs around outside, having nowhere else to go. Joe and Love arrive with Love coming in first to speak to Forty. He tells her he needs to protect her from Joe and everything he has discovered about him, as she assures him he is wrong about Joe. When Joe enters, Forty pulls a gun on him. She tries to talk him down, telling him if he hurts Joe he will never see her or Joe's child she is pregnant with. He tells her that she is crazy if she believes she will be a good mother. Forty puts the gun to Joe's head and insists he get on his knees as Love pleads for him to stop. As Forty is about to pull the trigger, he is shot and killed by officer Fincher, who had followed Ellie and came upon the situation.


Due to the circumstances of Forty's death, the investigation into Henderson's death inevitably circled in on Forty as the most likely culprit. Thus, it came to standstill with the Quinn family paying off the police force to protect the family name. Love went on to use 'Forty' as the middle name for her firstborn son with Joe, going so far as to refer to their son by that name almost more commonly than his actual first name. Love also constantly sent messages to Forty's old number, talking about recent events in her life and so on.


Season 2

"That guy is a pie hunting snake in Tarzan's body and I do not trust him. My gut says you're good, he's bad. Case dismissed."- to Joe about Milo

"Okay, you're going to be fine, everything is going to be fine. 3 rules. 1, cars are real. 2, anything you want to try, do it from the ground first. 3, if you cannot stop sobbing just drink moon juice. You gotta be careful, cause you're about to feel everything!" To Joe, after dosing him with acid.

"Love, I will do breath work with you later. I have to save you from a LITERAL FUCKING SERIAL KILLER first."

Season 3 (as a hallucination of Love)

"There is one person who understands everything you've been through. I slept on those mattresses too. I mean, that pea fucking killed me."

"Don't be sorry for surviving. You were the strong one. You always knew it was gonna turn out this way, that's why you held me so tight. "


Love Quinn

  • Relation: Twin Sister

Candace Stone (Amy)

  • Relation: Girlfriend


  • Joe's nickname given by Forty is most likely a reference to The Great Gatsby, in which the titular character also refers to Nick as "Old Sport."
  • Forty and Love are named after tennis scores, in which forty is game point and love refers to being scoreless, symbolizing their parents inherit favoritism of Forty over Love.