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Ellie Alves is a main character in the second season of Netflix's You. She is portrayed by Jenna Ortega.


Ellie is a bright and mature 15 year old who lives in Joe's apartment building in LA. Her father died and she had a troubled relationship with her mother, so she moved to the city to live with her older sister Delilah. She has a passion for film and wants to pursue a career in the business. She begins an internship for comedian Henderson, hoping to get her foot in the door and they form a friendship, despite her sister's insistence that she stay away from him. One night, she is invited over to his house and he drugs her drink, intending to sexually assault her as he has done to a string of other young girls, including Delilah. However, Joe intercepts the situation and ends up accidentally killing Henderson. After his death, she interns for Forty Quinn, helping him adapt The Dark Face of Love.

When her sister disappears, she is distraught and demands to know what happened to her. Joe finally tells her that Delilah isn't coming back, and gives her money instructing her to leave LA and start a new life somewhere else. She reluctantly goes, and he mentions in Season 3 that he continues to send her money periodically.

It is not known if she stopped receiving her flow of income after Joe faked his death and went into hiding in Paris.


Season 2 (10/10)[]

Season 3 (1/10)[]


  • Ellie's Instagram handle is @ellie-eyeballs.[2]
  • Similar to Paco from season 1, Ellie is a character that doesn't exist in the books, and she isn't Delilah's sister.
    • In the books, Delilah has a older sister, who Joe does not meet.


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