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Edward Beck, also known as The Captain is the father of Guinevere Beck.


Edward Beck is the father of Guinevere Beck, in which Guinevere claimed that he died of a drug overdose. He is the captain of The Guinevere, in which his daughter was named after.

Season 1

Edward Beck is first introduced as The Captain in the third episode, Maybe, where Joe initially suspects him to be a solicitor of Beck. Tt is not until Joe follows Beck to the motel she stayed at that it is revealed he is actually Beck's supposedly dead father. Edwin invited Beck to a Dicken's festival, where Beck lies to everyone that she's leaving for a writer's retreat. At lunch with Joe, Guinevere, Nancy, their children, it is shown that Edward suffers from amnesia following his overdose, being unable to remember things from before that point. Following the argument, Edward has a conversation with Guinevere, where Guinevere reveals to him that she tells people that he dead, and that "it feels like you did die that day in the basement." The conversation ends with Edward telling Guinevere that he's sorry she feels that way. He invites her over again for the holidays, where Guinevere replies that she'll let him know, the conversation ends and he isn't seen again. It is this interaction where it gave Guinevere inspiration to write.


Season 1 (2/10)


  • Edward attended an NA fellowship at St. James Church, and his sponsor is someone named Henry J.
    • He also met his future wife Nancy there.