Dr. Nicky is a recurring character in You. He is portrayed by John Stamos.


Dr. Nicky is the therapist of Guinevere Beck and Joe Goldberg (alias Paul).

After numerous therapy sessions with both characters, Dr. Nicky unknowingly helps Joe and Beck mend their relationship and reconcile. It is later found out by Joe that the Dr. was having an affair with Beck and was very obsessive of her during their therapy sessions.

Upon discovering his affair with Beck, Joe contemplates killing him but decides not to do so. After killing Beck, Joe frames Dr. Nicky for all of the murders that he committed, using him as a scapegoat while removing all suspicion from himself.


Season 1 (4/10)

Season 2 (1/10)

Romantic Relationships

Guinevere Beck

  • Relation: Affair


Dr. Nicky has a Subbreddit devoted to proving his innocence, R/Freedrnicky.

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