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Dr. Nicky is a recurring character in You. He is portrayed by John Stamos.


Dr. Nicky becomes the therapist of Guinevere Beck after the death of her friend, Peach Salinger. Joe Goldberg (under the alias Paul), initiates his own therapy sessions with Dr. Nicky as a way to asses him and his possible influence on Beck. Joe finds him to be insightful and continues to see him for more evaluation and advice, particularly about his relationship with Beck- although he changes names and situations so he does not realize who he is actually talking about. Joe becomes suspicious of Beck's relationship with Dr. Nicky and breaks into his office, listening to a recording of their recent session. After listening to it for a few moments, he decides their relationship is professional and that Dr. Nicky is a good therapist who is helping Beck.

Later, however, Joe again has suspicions about them, disguises himself, and attacks Dr. Nicky. He pulls a gun on him and demands his cell phone, where he finds numerous pictures, texts, and phone calls confirming their affair and Dr. Nicky's apparent obsession with Beck.

While Beck is locked in Joe's cage, she writes an account of their relationship and the decent it took into darkness and terrible crimes, changing the truth to make it about Dr. Nicky instead of Joe, as a way to earn Joe's trust. After Joe kills her, he submits the writing to her publisher and frames Dr. Nicky for her murder. Dr. Nicky is sentenced to prison.

Later, when Joe is in a relationship with Love Quinn, her brother Forty visits Dr. Nicky in prison. He explains he had been adapting Beck's book into a movie, and did not believe he had murdered her. Dr. Nicky tells him that while he is innocent of killing Beck, he is guilty of destroying his family and using Beck as well as numerous others. He said he is where he belongs and has no intention of fighting his situation. Forty pleads with him, asking about his mysterious patient that he had read about in the "free Dr. Nicky" subreddit dedicated to his innocence. He shows Dr. Nicky a picture of Joe, and he confirms it was the patient he knew as Paul Brown. He tells Forty that if he is correct, he needs to stay far away from him. Forty insists that he can't, because Joe is now dating his sister, and if he didn't help him and she died that her blood would be on his hands as well. Dr. Nicky refused to discuss things any further and ended the visit.


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Dr. Nicky has a Subbreddit devoted to proving his innocence, R/Freedrnicky.

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