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Benjamin "Benji" J. Ashby III is a guest character in the first season of You. He is portrayed by Lou Taylor Pucci.


He makes his first appearance while Joe is stalking Beck outside her apartment. Beck accuses him of cheating on her with a random woman at a party that Beck brought him to, although he defends himself by saying that he didn't even cum. Beck is angry but they end up having sex while Joe watches from outside. Later he sees Beck and Joe arrive in a cab together, and Beck briefly introduces him to Joe before exiting the cab. A company reaches out to him about being interested in his soda startup, so he heads out to meet the company. Unbeknowst to him it's Joe impersonating the company interested in his soda startup and Joe takes him to the bookshop's basement. Benji is knocked out by Joe and locked up in the book vault. ("Pilot ")

Benji wakes up and pleads with Joe to let him out. He eventually remembers that Joe was the man with Becky in the cab and catches on that Joe kidnapped him because of Beck, though he tells Joe that he's done with her and Joe can have her. He gives Joe his phone password, which Joe subsequently uses to give the appearance that Benji is out living his life. He tries to sow doubt in Joe's mind by claiming that Beck is a gold digger and that Joe is a nobody. When Joe checks on him the morning after the party Beck takes him to, Benji has destroyed all the books in the vault. In a bid for freedom, Benji gives Joe a video where he and his fraternity haze a fraternity pledge to death by drowning as mutually assured destruction, stating that he can use that against him were he to turn Joe in. Joe gives him a coffee laced with peanut oil, which Benji is deathly allergic to, and he dies in the vault ("The Last Nice Guy in New York").


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"Even in death, Benji is a colossal pain in my ass"

- Joe Goldberg