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A Fresh Start is the first episode of the second season of You.


To escape Candace and the ghosts of his past in New York City, Joe changes his name and moves to Los Angeles, vowing to start fresh and change his ways. But then he meets Love, his charming new coworker.

Detailed Synopsis (Spoilers)

Joe moves to Los Angeles and settles down in his new apartment, and his new persona. He flashes back to his conversation with Candace who tells him she's neither going to kill him or report him to the police. Instead, she's going to show him who he really is. He escapes by "going to the bathroom" and leaving New York for Los Angeles. Candace calls him and tells him that she will find him and he won't be able to escape her.

He immediately gets to know his neighbour and Landlady, Delilah and her younger sister Ellie. He immediately gets a protective vibe over Ellie.

Joe goes to look for a job, at a place called 'Anavrin' a bookshop/ grocery store. He gets the job of working in the bookshop as he is able to sell the interviewer, Calvin, on reading Crime and Punishment.